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Good News, Good Stuff, and Where to Find It All!

Good morning! (Or afternoon, for those of you who still live over there on the right hand side of the planet :->.)

I just got back from a busy weekend of camping (complete with rain, ensuing mud, and my youngest child learning to ride his bike without training wheels…woohoo!) and I’m still trying to find my brain, much less finish unpacking all the gear. (Remind me again why camping is fun?)

Since I’m currently sapped of my cleverness by mundane concerns like laundry and devoid of any exciting news of my own, I’m turning over today’s blog to others in the Internet universe:

  1. For exciting first sale news, go here.
  2. For an awesome contest with exciting prizes, go here.
  3. For the funniest damn romance novel writing lesson evah, go here.
  4. For just plain funny, go here.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for Ecataromance Sensual’s Cobblestone Press Authors Day this Wednesday, October 17th. I’ll be there with bells on (and hopefully with my brain back!).

What’s up in your little corner of the world?

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