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We Heart the Historical!

All this month, Emma Petersen is hosting a slew of authors in a tribute to the historical. And not just the traditional historical, but every brand of historical from mainstream to paranormal to fantasy to erotic. There’ll be a new author every day, and lots of books will be given away, including fifteen copies of Behind the Red Door.

Want to know more? How about a list of the authors who’ll be visiting? I don’t have dates for everyone yet, but I’ll be posting over in the right hand column every day to let you know who today’s guest author is. So here (in alphabetical order by first name becayse, hey, it’s gotta have SOME organization to it) is a list of the authors who’ve so generously agreed to join the celebration:

Seriously, is that a list full of win or what? You know you want to enter and you know you want to win. So come early and come often.

Today’s guest author is Madeline Baker, and she’s giving away a copy of her recently re-released first book, Comanche Flame.

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