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WTF Wednesday–A HodgePodge

Well, I got to this so late today that I’m afraid all I can manage is a list of things that have made me say WTF at least once today:

  • The continuing fallout from the Iranian election fiasco. Let’s hope we see real change for Iranian people as a result of this. They deserve it. Otherwise, WTF?
  • Read an article today about the continuing overmonitoring/overcollection of Americans’ emails by the NSA. Including, apparently, President Clinton’s. (Well, I bet his emails are a lot more interesting than mine, actually.) WTF?
  • There are only two more days left before school is out and my kids are home all day. Wasn’t it just September? WTF?
  • There is no beer left in the house. WTF?

Please, feel free to share your own personal expression of the WTF’edness of life. We all need to vent every now and then!


  • kellykrysten June 17, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    Someone is collecting my emails? Um, that is a huge effing WTF! What the heck do they think they can find in my emails?

    Okay, this is WTF for me! Apparently some kid went up on the stage when his name was called at his graduation and blew a kiss to his mom. The principal took his diploma away from him and made him go sit back down…WTF? The school said in their “defense” that they had a strict code of conduct and he’d failed to adhere to it…Loving your mother is in opposition to a strict code of conduct?o_0

  • Kris Eton June 18, 2009 at 11:16 am

    well, since I worked in the ‘government’ a while ago, I can tell you they are probably collecting and deleting these emails. I know, the whole problem is that they are collecting them at all.

    Trust me, they don’t have the time or the inclination to read your personal emails. I’m sure it is all filtered through some program to look for ‘trigger’ words that then might merit further investigation.

    I get that the whole idea of it is intrusive. Just wanted to reassure you that there aren’t gov’t lackeys in some basement somewhere pouring over your personal stuff.


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