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A Call to Writers of Short Fiction

Since my recent sale to Spice Briefs (see post below), it occurred to me that a lot of writers out there might not be aware of the opportunities that are available in the short fiction, particularly romance and erotica. I’m thinking of writing an article (which I plan to submit to RWA’s trade publication, Romance Writer’s Report, for consideration). But since I don’t want to rely solely on my own experience, I’d love to find a few others who’ve made a career of writing short stories or novellas (40k or less) and who are willing to share their experiences in some detail in such an article.

If you’re interested, please reply in the comments or email me at jackie at jackiebarbosa.com.

Thanks :).

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  • Jody W. April 8, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    You know you can contact me if you want to hear anything about Red Sage! I can also put you in contact with other authors there.


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