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As the title implies, this is a post full of little bits of news you might not have heard if you either don’t follow me on Twitter (which is where all the GOOD stuff happens anymore) and a preview of sorts.

Last Day of “Free”

Today is your last day to get a copy of The Reiver for free at Smashwords. Use coupon code UJ84J. If you purchase and read, whether for free from Smashwords or at Amazon/B&N/anywhere else for actual money, I hope you’ll consider going back and giving a review or rating. Whether you liked it or not :).

According to Luke Gets a Great Review from Dear Author

I’m allowed to be stoked about this, right? Janine at Dear Author. reviewed the first Gospel of Love novella, According to Luke, and gave it a B. That grade was apparently high enough to earned a “Dear Author Recommends” stamp. You can read the review here, but to see the lovely “stamp” on the cover, you have to actually page through the website to get to it in its “abbreviated” form.

On the Writing Board

As luck would have it, I’m in the throes of wrapping up the third Gospel novella, According to Mark. You may remember Mark as the slightly acerbic doctor and Matthew’s twin brother. This novella is contracted and scheduled for release sometime in June. I’d be done with it already if the story hadn’t perversely decided to expand and go several thousand words past my original projection of its length.

I thought, in honor of my almost being done, I’d give you a tiny preview from the unedited manuscript. (Warning: There’s a dirty word at the end. Read at your own risk.) I hope you enjoy!

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she had to walk into mine.

Okay, so strictly speaking, The Rack wasn’t mine the way Rick’s Café American was Bogie’s in Casablanca, but as one of the club’s regulars, I felt more than justified in having a proprietary claim on the place. After all, it was the one place where I could get my kink on in a sane, safe, no-strings-attached—and more importantly, Allison-free—environment.

And now it wasn’t Allison-free anymore. Which meant it was also neither safe nor sane.

After flashing her black membership card to the bouncer, she stepped tentatively into the dimly lit interior and made her way toward the bar. Dressed in white from her sandaled feet to the pearl choker around her neck, her auburn curls floating around her shoulders, she looked as lovely and chaste as an angel.

But her membership card told another story. The black color said she’d gone through the club’s rigorous screening process and paid the necessary fees to be allowed upstairs. Unlike most of the crowd, she wasn’t here to be a mere spectator. She had every intention of being a participant.

She’d come to be fucked.

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