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Music Monday: Don’t Give Up on Me by Timbuk 3

A few years ago, I briefly did a feature I called “Lyric Thursday” where I’d post the lyrics to a song that I found interesting, inspirational, or just plain fun. I got lazy and stopped doing it, but lately, I’ve been listening to music much more (mainly because I’ve been spending so much more time in the car!), and I keep finding songs I want to share. With that in mind, today I’m starting Music Monday. I hope you enjoy it!

For my first entry, I’ve chosen a song by Timbuk 3, most famous for The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades. This song, however, isn’t nearly so well known, as it comes from one of their later and much less famous albums, Edge of Allegiance, which was released in 1989. I love Timbuk 3 for their incisive, amusing lyrics and their harmonies. This song isn’t one of their absolute best on the lyric front, but the reference to monkeys and Shakespeare makes me smile every time, and the refrain “Don’t give up on me,” is really speaking to me these days!

Don’t Give Up on Me
by Pat and Barbara MacDonald, copyright 1989

I’ve been a beggar, I’ve been a thief,
I’ve given you all kinds of grief.
I’ve been bad, but I’ll be good, you’ll see.
Oh baby, don’t give up on me.

You’ve been a prisoner for quite some time
Since I forced you into my life of crime
Just one more big one, and then we’ll be free.
Oh baby, don’t give up on me.

Your time’s not wasted, believe what I say.
Your big investment’s gonna pay off some day.

They say that a monkey in the right frame of mind
Given enough paper, and given enough time,
Is bound to type Shakespeare eventually.
Oh baby, don’t give up on me.

In the school of hard knocks, I’m the class clown.
The only thing I’m good at is fooling around.
But one more semester and I’ll have my degree.
Oh baby, don’t give up on me.
Oh baby, don’t give up on me.

This song is nowhere to be found on the internet as far as I can tell (at least not unless you have a subscription), so if you want to listen, click here.

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