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Hot Off the Presses: Hot New Cover Art!

So, I have two cover reveals to do today. The first is a cover you’ve seen before but in a slightly reworked form. Carrie over at Seductive Musings took the cover I created with my limited GIMP skills (er, maybe I ought to say “complete lack of GIMP skills”) for Wrong Side of the Grave and made a few modifications to it that really make it look more like it belongs with the cover of Incarnate. I think she did a lovely job and, as she’s starting up a cover art business, I’m happy to recommend her work.

Without further ado, here’s the new version next to its sister cover:

Next up, I have another gorgeous design from Kim over at Hot Damn Designs for an as-yet unwritten novella. (Hey, I find cover art motivating. What can I say?) As I was finishing up The Lesson Plan, it dawned on me that I had two characters who really needed happily-ever-after’s of their own. It also occurred to me that if I had two more related novellas, I’d be able to package them in print. I get the occasional request from readers who don’t read digital books for my work, but it doesn’t make sense to print a 25,000 word novella as a standalone. But three novellas…yeah, that starts to pencil out.

I’ve already got titles for both sequels and the cover art and cover copy for the second, which I hereby reveal (ETA with a few tweaks from yesterday’s version):

Hot Under the Collar

Despite the old saw about third sons being destined for the church, no one ever expected the rakish, irresponsible Walter Langston to take up the collar, least of all himself. After an accident renders him unfit for military service, however, he has few other options. When he’s given the post of vicar of a parish in a sleepy, coastal village, he’s convinced he’ll molder in obscurity. Instead, his arrival brings a sudden resurgence in church attendance…or at least, the attendance of female parishioners. As word of the eligible young vicar spreads, every well-heeled family for miles with a marriageable daughter fills his pews, aiming to catch his eye. Unfortunately for these hopeful members of his flock, Walter’s eye has already been caught—by the one woman who doesn’t come to church on Sundays.

Artemisia Finch left a lucrative career as a celebrated member of London’s demimondaine to care for her ailing father. Returning home hasn’t been easy, though, as her past isn’t even a poorly kept secret in the village. When the new vicar arrives on her doorstep, Artemisia is determined to send him on his merry, pious way. But Walter Langston is nothing like any man of the cloth she’s ever known—he’s funny, irreverent, handsome, and tempting as sin. Falling in love with a vicar would be a very bad idea for a former courtesan. Why does this one have to be so hot under the collar?

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