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Today’s Excerpt from SKIN IN THE GAME

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“So, at least I finally get to see what I missed the other morning,” Cade murmured.

Angie eyed him balefully over the rim of her coffee cup as she took a fortifying swallow. “Well, feel free to leave now that you’ve satisfied your curiosity.”

Shaking his head, he patted the playbook. “I really did come to go over this. I didn’t expect to find you still in bed at nine o’clock in the morning. But I can’t say I’m sorry I did. You look…wonderful.”

“Oh, please. I look like death warmed over.”

“I think you look sleepy and rumpled and desperately in need of kissing.”

“You have to stop that,” she snapped. Because all of it was true. As irritated and unsettled as she was by his presence, her lips felt heavy and swollen with need.

Both pairs.

At first, she thought he was pulling her leg, but then she realized the question was absolutely genuine. He really didn’t see a conflict.

“Because you’re my boss. You can’t just come to my house first thing on a Saturday morning and hit on me while I’m still in my pajamas.”

“Well, you could always take them off,” he suggested, waggling his eyebrows.

“Oh my God, you’re impossible.”

“On the contrary, when it comes to you, I’m willing to be very, very possible.”

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