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Release Day Excerpt from SKIN IN THE GAME

SKIN IN THE GAME is OUT! Here’s your third and final teaser.

“Penny for your thoughts.”

Angie’s stomach collided with her heart at the sound of Cade’s husky voice near her ear. She opened her eyes and turned her head to find him leaning against the yellow school bus beside her, his right arm mere inches from her left.

How had he managed to sneak up on her like that? Her body seemed to have radar when it came to him—she could normally sense his presence when he was within a football field’s distance, let alone a matter of inches. Why had that sixth sense chosen this particular moment to desert her?

Her pulse beat thick and heavy in her throat and between her thighs, but she somehow managed to keep her wits—and her resentments—about her. “I’m sure you can afford to pay more than that. And shouldn’t you still be up there on the field, attending to your adoring public?”

He grinned and shook his head. “Not when I have a shot at being adored in private.”

Angie’s midsection went molten and dangerous with temptation. Maybe she should stop resisting the attraction between them. Maybe if she had sex with him a few more times, she could work him out of her system.

Except she knew the only thing that came from feeding an addiction was an even deeper addiction.

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