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A collection of original artwork I commissioned from the fabulous Joanne Renaud. (Here’s a link to her deviantArt page: http://suburbanbeatnik.deviantart.com/.) You’ll recognize portions of many of these illustrations from the page headers.

Art inspired by the Lords of Lancashire novellas
ConradandFreddie1000px WalterArtemisiaFinalSmaller SabineandThomas
Conrad and Freddie from The Lesson Plan Walter and Artemisia from Hot Under the Collar Sabine and Thomas from A Matter of Indiscretion
Art inspired by my upcoming contemporary novels (dates TBA)
SkininthegameFinal RulesofPossessionFinal PromisedtothePrinceFinal2
Cade and Angie from Skin in the Game (coming very, very soon!) Warren and Rachel from Rules of Possession (current work in progress) Nikos and Presley from Promised to the Prince (which may be done by 2014-15)
Art inspired by The Reapers series (my currently on-hold urban fantasy books)
IncarnateFinal2 Incarnate2FinalSmaller

Art inspired by Grace Under Fire