Wrong Side of the Grave

A Prequel to Incarnate (Book One of The Reapers)

On a chilly morning in 1852, Elodie Capshaw gets the surprise of her life when she wakes up dead. As if her sudden demise at the tender age of twenty-four isn’t enough of a shock, Elodie discovers that she is capable of materializing in fully solid form. This appears a welcome reprieve from the hollow existence of the spirit world, but it has its own set of hazards. First, her family is convinced her resurrection is the work of the devil and is determined to drive her out of her childhood home. Next, her ability to maintain her physical form will vanish if she doesn’t perform a blood sacrifice at her gravesite once a month. How on earth is a dead girl supposed to make a living, much less keep a roof over her head and food (metaphorically speaking) on the table? And finally, there are The Reapers—angels whose mysterious and seductive beauty lures unsuspecting specters into shuffling off their immortal coils.

It’s a wonderful afterlife…if Elodie can survive it.