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Writer’s Log Jam

X-posted from the Manuscript Mavens blog. Like Darcy, I was going to blog about my pre-conference preparations, jitters, and excitements this week, but another topic has been pushed to the forefront of my mind by recent events. You see, I’m in the throes of writing my two contracted but as yet unfinished novellas, and I’m realizing that I have a…

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It’s All About the Passion

X-posted from the Manuscript Mavens There hasn’t been a whole lot of writing in my life this week. Instead, my days have been heavily dominated by the day job, and particularly by a conference I attended Monday through Wednesday. I have to be honest and say that when I was reminded that I had this conference to attend, I was…

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Performance Anxiety

x-posted from the Manuscript Mavens blog In the world of romance, heroes rarely suffer from this malady. Not only are they supremely confident gentlemen of the world, they are also so wildly attracted to their heroines that any possibility of failure to rise to the occasion is unthinkable. Would that the writers who invent these rarefied creatures shared their immunity!…

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Falling In Love

I got one of those rejections today that makes you want to scream. Oh, not because it was mean or got my name wrong or was a form letter. No, it made me want to scream because it was nice and complimentary, but ultimately amounted to an “I liked it, but I didn’t love it” with no real explanation of…

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News and a Contest!

Welcome to 2008 and to my blog. (Some of you may be visiting for the first time, I know!) If you’ve come from Jacqueline Barbour’s blog, then you already know that I’m in the process of shutting down that blog in favor of this one. If you just happened by for other reasons, the scoop is that I used to…

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