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A Bit of Rough

Book 1 of the The House of Uncommons Series

Available: 07/01/2021

Guaranteed Release Date: 07/01/2021

Lucas Delgado Guerrero’s skin is too brown and his accent too foreign for him to feel truly at home in England, but returning to Mexico, which he scarcely remembers, is hardly a choice. So he remains in London, publishing an illegal newspaper devoted to reformist and revolutionary causes. One of his most popular writers is the intriguing and mysterious Polly Dicax, who delivers sharp, witty screeds by messenger every week.

At twenty-five, Lady Honora Pearce is too busy writing seditious treatises to pay much attention to men. Especially when marrying would mean giving up the very rights she argues for in her fierce diatribes. She is, however, intrigued by the editorials written by one of her publishers. Here, at least, is a man with worthy ideas and ideals. Not that she ever expects to meet him, since both their identities must remain secret. But everything changes when circumstances force her to deliver her weekly column herself and, on the heels of her arrival at the printer’s shop, the police raid the premises.

To protect the shopkeeper and themselves, Honora and Lucas must hide together in a small chamber. They shouldn’t have to kiss, but somehow, they do. And when Honora finds she can’t stay away, Lucas discovers he can’t refuse her, even if he can never be more than her bit of rough.

Semi-Tough Luck

Book 2 of the Motocrossed Series

Available: 01/07/2021

Note: This novella was originally released in the limited edition anthology, Do It Again.


Tonight, I lost my home, most of my possessions, and my livelihood when my semi rig was stolen from a truck stop parking lot in Middle-of-Nowhere, Nebraska. Yeah, everything’s insured, but that still leaves me with nowhere to sleep, one change of clothing, no way to get home, and only the paltry credit line on my Visa to cover my expenses until the insurance company settles. 

So it’s not like I can easily refuse when the local sheriff suggests that I hitch a ride with his younger brother, Ivan Carlson, who’s headed to San Diego to play pro hockey. There’s no reason to think Ivan will be anything but a perfect gentleman. Which is a shame, because he’s sex on skates, but it would be wrong for me to take advantage of him. Wouldn’t it?


When I met Sylvia Figueres, she was having the worst day of her life. The last thing a woman in her shoes needs is some stranger hitting on her. But man, I want to. Then my brother points out that she needs a ride to the west coast and I just happen to be going that way. I can’t say no, and since my big brother, the goddamn sheriff, is trusting me to behave like the gentleman I’m not, I’m going to have to keep my feelings to myself. And drive fast.

Or that’s the plan, until we wind up having to share a motel room.