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Book 3 of the Motocrossed Series


It doesn’t bother me if you call me a motoho. Ever since my cheating bastard of an ex-fiancé left
me with a pile of unpaid bills and an STD that rendered me infertile, I’m not looking for a
relationship, but I do have an itch to scratch from time to time. With Thunder Valley Park nearby,
there’s no shortage of motocross riders passing through town, and they’re almost all fit, fine,
and looking for a good time, not a long time. So why shouldn’t I partake a couple of times a

Still, I’m a little surprised Tyler Biggs was game; he’s not known as a player, unlike some other
riders I could name. And I’ll admit, I’m kind of sorry we only get to have one night together.
Tyler is model handsome, smart, and phenomenal in bed. I wouldn’t mind hitting that a few
more times. I’m even sort of considering the “r” word, since he lives less than an hour away
when he’s not on the circuit.

But before I can decide whether or not I’m ready to take that step, life throws me a curveball,
and I have no choice but to see Tyler again.


I’m not normally a one-night-stand kind of guy, but the night I met Mandy Scheffler, an
uncomplicated romp in the sheets was exactly what I needed to remind myself that there’s
more to life than winning motocross races. So what if I don’t win the championship this year? I
can still hook up with the prettiest, funniest girl in the bar if I want to and have mind-blowing
monkey sex with her. In the best possible world, we would have more time, but motocross
moves on and that means I have to, too.

And then, ten weeks later, Mandy shows up on my doorstep and drops the other shoe. A teeny,
tiny one.

Book Details:

Series: Motocrossed #3
Release Date: TBD
Publisher: Circe Press