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Monthly Archives : October 2007

A Quick Post

Not much writing has gotten done in the past week. Between the fires and then the things we did to distract ourselves from them (movies, Disneyland, more movies, dinner out, Chargers game), I haven’t had much time to write. Which means I simply must buckle down this week and finish up Carnally Yours by Sunday. (That’s a tall order, because…

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Just a quick post to say the fire threat has abated. Everything that’s still burning is well east of us. Which is bad news for those folks, but good news for us. I just heard George W. Bush has arrived to congratulate himself for not fucking up. I think that constitutes bad news.

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Going Up in Smoke

No, our house isn’t on fire, although there’s no guarantee it won’t be before the end of the week. That said, the approaching flames combined with having all three kids home (and trapped in the house all day) since Monday is definitely interfering with my mojo. For more, check out the map and photos on Jacqueline’s blog.

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Welcome to My World!

After months of vacillating, I decided it was time to break down and launch a blog. Those of you who are used to conversing with my alter ego, Jacqueline Barbour, can still chat with her on Fridays on her blog. Those of you who don’t “know” Jacqueline are also welcome to pop by. Meanwhile, I’ll be blogging here Mondays and…

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