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Monthly Archives : March 2011

I’m Number One (for now)

The lovely Maisey Yates pointed out to me on Twitter this morning that GRACE UNDER FIRE was #18 on the Coming Soon list on Amazon Kindle for All Books. After a little digging, I discovered the book is at #10 in Fiction and #1 (you read that right, #1!) in Erotica. I’m stunned. Stunned and thrilled. And I’m sure it…

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Impulse Buying

Today, Avon (the division of HarperCollins, not the makeup distributor) announced the launch of its new digital imprint, Avon Impulse. In addition to digital books, at least some of their titles will be available as print-on-demand. This move comes as absolutely no surprise to me, as I suspect almost all of the traditional print presses are going to have digital-first…

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