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Monthly Archives : December 2009

Twelve Nights of Christmas…for YOU!

So, I’ve just returned from a rejuvenating vacation in Yosemite National Park, complete with picture-postcard perfect snow and a really kick-ass day of skiing (although, toward the end, it was a bit like skiing in mashed potatoes due to the white-out conditions), and I’ve now got a few minutes to announce my posting schedule for the next few weeks. As…

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Books!

Okay, I’m not really leaving or anything drastic like that (just in case you were terrified at the prospect of never reading another one of my posts, lol), but I AM going to be taking a hiatus from my regular blogging schedule from tomorrow until Epiphany. That doesn’t mean there won’t be new content on the blog, but instead of…

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Free Read Friday

I’m pleased to announce that my first free anthology of the year is now available for download. This one was put together by my wonderful friend, Leanne Karella. It’s a series of sweet, romantic short stories, each set on New Year’s Eve in a different city around the world. You can click on the cover below to open and download…

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A Definition of RWA Terms (Author Edition)

So, I really intended to get this posted last week, but the time-space continuum proved uncooperative. However, with MWA’s decision last week to officially “de-list” Harlequin as a non-vanity/non-subsidy publisher, the question of what RWA will do in the future becomes even more urgent for authors who are published though Harlequin’s traditional imprints. First, before you read this, if you…

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