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Monthly Archives : June 2008

It’s an Epidemic!

X-posted from the Manuscript Mavens blog A few months ago, my local paper ran an article about a group of writers in my area who get together to support one another and commiserate over their rejections. (It wasn’t the local RWA chapter, to which I belong.) Several people quoted in the story lamented over how impossible it is for a…

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Out and About

I’ve been quiet here this week, but I’m noisy elsewhere on the Internet. Come visit me at any of the following places: At Kris Eton’s blog, where I’m the subject of her author interview this week. At the Cobblestone Author’s blog, where I posted today. On Cobblestone Mainstreet, where you can still enter my drawing for any of my Cobblestone…

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It’s All About the Passion

X-posted from the Manuscript Mavens There hasn’t been a whole lot of writing in my life this week. Instead, my days have been heavily dominated by the day job, and particularly by a conference I attended Monday through Wednesday. I have to be honest and say that when I was reminded that I had this conference to attend, I was…

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The Month of Living Breathlessly

June is supposed to be the month when things slow down, isn’t it? I mean, it’s the beginning of summer, school gets out, people go on vacation… Apparently, not for me. June promises to be hectic. It started yesterday with a work-related conference I’m attending (that I’d COMPLETELY forgotten about until one of the exhibitors called and reminded me), got…

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