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Monthly Archives : August 2008

The 30K in 30 Days Challenge

X-posted from the Mavens blog. Since I last posted right before leaving for the RWA National Convention, I’ve been swamped by the day job. My company holds a conference for its clients every year in late August or early September (depending on when we can get the hotel), and I’m a major contributor to the effort. This year, I gave…

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First Sale News!

I’m tickled pink to be able to announce that my friend, Courtney Milan, has not only expanded her family (by one puppy), but has made her first sale! Because I couldn’t say it better than the Publisher’s Marketplace announcement of the deal, here it is: Golden Heart Nominee for Breath of Honor Courtney Milan’s PROOF BY SEDUCTION, about a rigidly…

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The Cell Phone Industrial Complex

Okay, so this rant is unrelated in any way to writing, save for the fact that the incident that provoked it occurred at the RWA National Conference.1 I must preface this story by explaining that as a member of the Baby Boom generation (albeit the very tag end of it), I am of the general opinion that a cell phone…

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My Heart (and More’s) in San Francisco

X-posted from the Manuscript Mavens blog. By the time this post appears (thank you, Draft Blogger, for the ability to manipulate time and space!), I’ll be in San Francisco at this year’s RWA National Conference. Based on my experience at last year’s Dallas event, I’m sure I’m already exhausted, overwhelmed, and giddy with pleasure. Last year, I have to admit…

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