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Monthly Archives : September 2008

Random Post

I’m 1,200 words (give or take a few hundred) from the end of the third Red Door novella. It’s due tomorrow. And yes, I’m going to make it! That said, I had to share this from the Online Etymology Dictionary. shrapnel1806, from Gen. Henry Shrapnel (1761-1842), who invented a type of exploding, fragmenting shell when he was a lieutenant in…

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Upping the Ante

Well, the work-in-progress is currently sitting at a little over 12,000 words. The minimum word count for it is 25,000. Which means 1,000 words per day just isn’t going to cut it. So, as of today, the daily word count goal is doubled to 2,000 words per day. Eep! Better get crackin’!

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Playing Catch-Up

I fell way short of my goal the past couple of days due to a raging head cold complicated by allergies. It’s hard to write anything lucid, much less sexy, when you’ve got some fiend poking you in the temple with a sharp stick and you’re either sneezing or blowing your nose constantly. I’ve got my work cut out for…

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30k in 30 Days Challenge–Update

Cross-posted from the Mavens’ blog.I planned to check in a little more often than this, but actually doing the writing seemed to eat up most of my time. (Wonder how that could have happened?) I have been managing to update my daily word count over there on the right, but that’s about it for updates so far. So, yesterday marked…

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