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Cover Reveal: Do It Again

Back in the early days of 2019, one of the biggest scandals to hit Romancelandia came to be known on Twitter as #CopyPasteCris. Cris Serruya, whose books apparently sold well enough to hit the USA Today bestseller list, was caught plagiarizing at least 25 authors in her books. She defended herself in a number of ways, including the claim that the plagiarism was done by ghostwriters she had hired. The authors whose books were plagiarized received a lot of support from the community (and rightfully so) and Serruya seems to have faded into well-deserved obscurity.

But Serruya’s actions didn’t just hurt authors; they hurt readers, too. If someone with a significant enough following to hit a national bestseller list is using a combination of ghostwriters and outright plagiarism, how are readers to trust that the person who claims to have written the book actually wrote it? Perhaps that doesn’t bother some readers, and certainly, there’ve been plenty of very popular series franchises over the years that have been ghostwritten–Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley High, for example. Still, there must readers out there who want to know that the purported author of the book is the actual author of the book, not just a figurehead. And for those readers–and anyone else who just wants to read great romances–Do It Again: A We Write Our Own Books Anthology was born.

The anthology contains five never-before-published novellas about starting over and second chances from five authors who promise never to plagiarize, use ghostwriters, or recycle content. We also guarantee a happily-ever-after or happy-for-now ending for every story, because if it doesn’t end HEA/HFN, it’s not a romance!

Still want to know more? How about a list of titles and authors? (I promise book descriptions and excerpts in subsequent posts.)

  • THE WEDDING FLING by Kate Davies
  • REDEMPTION by Jayce Ellis
  • REPEATED BURN by Tara Kennedy
  • SEMI-TOUGH LUCK by M.A. Parker (my alter ego!)
  • NEVER REALLY OVER (A Hotel Arroyo Novella) by Sabrina Sol

And when can you get it? Well, it’s coming up for preorder now and will be delivered to your ereader on October 15, 2019. So you don’t have to wait long!

But I promised you a cover reveal, didn’t I? When we started this project, we looked at a lot of stock art, but in the end, we didn’t find anything that seemed to fit. And since the whole point of what we were doing as authors was to celebrate originality, we decided to commission artwork from the exceptionally talented Joanne Renaud. (She’s also responsible for the header art on this very website.) Joanne did an amazing job for us, incorporating elements of several of the stories into her design.

Okay, okay. Enough dilly-dallying! Here it is:

Want a copy? Click the link to your favorite retailer below! (Links will be enabled as the book becomes available on each site, so feel free to check back if your favorite retailer isn’t clickable yet.)

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