On Hold

Carnally Yours is on hold for the moment, as I’ve had a bit of a breakthrough on another project. I expect to get back to it and finish it before Christmas, though.

It would appear that An Officer and a Jezebel remains the clear favorite as the title for Jack and Callie’s story, so when I get around to posting it to the website, I expect that’s the title I’ll use.

And Dawne’, if you’re out there, email me at jackie@jackiebarbosa.com. I owe you a Cobblestone gift certificate!

And the Winner Is…

The randomly drawn winner of the titling game sweepstakes is Dawne’. Dawne’, please email me at jackie@jackiebarbosa.com to claim your prize.

So, several of you really liked the idea of An Officer and a Jezebel. I have to say, it’s a great play on an existing title, but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with referring to the heroine in the title as a Jezebel. The word just has an awful lot of Biblical baggage I’m not sure I want to saddle Callie with.

What do you think? Is Jezebel too negative a word? Please share your thoughts.

A Late Post and A Little Contest

I know, it’s late. Sorry!

This Friday, the Manuscript Mavens will be playing hostess to Deanna Lee, author and co-founder/co-owner of Cobblestone Press, the publisher of Carnally Ever After. (She’s also my acquiring editor, which means I extra adore her for adoring my book.)

In celebration, I’m hosting a little contest here this week. You see, I have an idea for a story that won’t go away, but the only title I can come up for it just doesn’t seem to be flying with test audiences thus far. I’m posting the “hook” I’ve written for the story below. Since I realize you might need more than 100 words to come up with a title, and since the hook really focuses on the hero, you can check out this post for more information about the heroine.

Here’s the hook:

The Peninsular Wars may have ended more than a year ago, but they’re not over for Colonel Jack Prescott. Cursed with an eidetic memory, Jack can recite the names and see the faces of every man he sent into battle, hear their dying howls of agony, and taste the bitter flavor of their fear. Awake or asleep, he can’t escape the twisted, violent images or his remorse for having knowingly condemned so many soldiers to certain death. That is, until he chances upon perhaps the one woman who can accept him without judgment or condemnation.

‘Tis pity she’s a whore.

Now, for the rules and prizes. You may enter as may title possibilities as you like. One lucky poster, drawn at random, will receive a $5 Cobblestone Press gift certificate. That’s enough to buy Carnally Ever After and still have a little left over. I’ll draw next Monday.