Music For Monday: Modern Love by Matt Nathanson

I’m having a bit of a love affair with this song. The lyrics really speak to me about the challenges of modern romantic relationships. Until today, however, I hadn’t seen the video. Now that have, I love the song and Matt Nathanson himself just that little bit more.

Edited: I am having malware issues with my site, which I think might have been related to this embedded video. I removed it to see if I can correct the error.

Modern Love by Matt Nathanson and Mark Weinberg
copyright 2011

She said this talking
Kind of wears me out
And all these salesmen
Baby, make me tired

They’re no good, to tell you the truth, she said
I’ve been gettin’ used to liars

They send me love songs, with store bought words
They make promises, like politicians

We stumble
And disconnect
Over and over again

This modern love is not enough
She said, watch your back
I’m nobody’s girlfriend
This modern love is not enough
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
They said one big exhale never did me no, good

I’d let em in, I
Oh man, I’d let em win
I’d burn my house down
Just to hear them scream my name
I’ve carried hopes
And heavy daydreams she said
But I’m done with sleeping

Take the phone calls
Take this circus
Take the drama, cause baby it’s worthless

This modern love is not enough
She said, watch your back
I’m nobody’s girlfriend
This modern love is not enough
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
They said one big exhale never did me no, good
One big exhale never did me no good

And the bright light shines
And we ache and we break and we try
Stage light shines
And they blind our eyes
To it all
Still we ache and we break and we just can’t get it right

This modern love is not enough
She said, watch your back
I’m nobody’s girlfriend
This modern love is not enough
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Oh this modern love is a taco truck
Come on take the phone calls baby
I’ll take all the silence

This modern love is not enough
Oh oh oh oh oh
One big exhale never did me no good
One exhale
One big exhale
Yeah one exhale never did me no good
Never did me no good

Desperately Seeking a Tagline

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m getting ready to do a major overhaul of my website. As much as I love the look and feel of this template, which Croco Designs did for me quite a few years ago, it’s time for a change, not just for “freshness,” but because I’m branching out into more genres and this website is entirely focused on my historical brand (the “History Made Hot” tagline).

That’s never really told the whole story, though, since I’ve published several contemporaries going back as far as 2008. And now, with my first historical urban fantasy book coming out later this year (I hope; at the rate I’m able to write these days, I might not finish until this time next year!), I really need to clarify and expand my brand.

To that end, I’ve commissioned the awesome Joanne Renaud to do a series of illustrations for me which will then be incorporated into my website design. She’s done three illustrations so far:

Walter and Artemisia
from Hot Under the Collar
Elodie and friends
from Incarnate
Angie and Cade
from Skin in the Game1

From these illustrations, Joanne stitched together a three-part header graphic which will appear on all the pages that are shared across genres (e.g., my welcome page, the blog, my bio, etc.). I think she did a fabulous job with this and it’s going to look awesome in the final design (it’s a little small here; it’ll be wider/taller and more legible when it’s actually at the top of the page):

But here’s my dilemma. You’ll see my old “History Made Hot” tagline for my historical brand on the left and “Modern Love,” which is my tagline for my contemporary brand. But I’m absolutely stuck for a tagline for my urban fantasy brand. And I need help! I’ve come up with a few ideas, most of which are either lame or I know are too tongue-in-cheek. However, for the record, here (in no particular order) are the ones I’ve come up with:

  • Urban Fantasy with Spirit
  • Gaslight (Urban) Fantasy
  • Kick-Sass Urban Fantasy

Yeah, the last one is really stupid, lol, but my punning brain just couldn’t resist.

Anyway, the problems with these taglines are many. First of all, I think all of them might be a little too tightly related to The Reapers series. It’s my first urban fantasy and it’s set in 1903, so it’s historical, but once that series is finished, I have a few other story ideas that fall into the urban fantasy/science fiction realm, and one of them is contemporary while the other is futuristic. So, ideally, I need a tagline for that center panel that is very generic but still has a “brand” identity to it (i.e., it doesn’t just say “Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction”).

As I’ve been thinking about what my “brand” is when it comes to my stories in this subgenre, it’s that they are less action/adventure oriented and more about solving mysteries or puzzles. They’re more brain than brawn, I guess :). So a good tagline for that panel would capture that idea even more than the idea of paranormal creatures or time period.

Long story short, I would love suggestions. Here, on Twitter (to @jackiebarbosa), or by email (jackie at Any and all ideas (even snarky ones!) are welcome.

1Skin in the Game is a category-length contemporary that’s currently on submission with Entangled. One way or another, I expect it to be out sometime in 2013.