Thirteen Books I Read this Year I Want to Pimp

I don’t read as much as I’d like to. Between husband, kids, house, job, and (most time-consuming of all!) writing, I just don’t seem to have much time left over for reading. But, I did read some pretty good books this year and, as my early Christmas present to you, I want to share.

I’m listing these in alphabetical order by the author’s first name, thereby avoiding any possible accusations of favoritism.

  1. Kink by Amie Stuart
    Totally lives up to its title. In the best possible way.
  2. The Average Girl’s Guide to Getting Laid by Annie Dean
    Sassy and scorching, Ellie and Ash are tons of fun and smokin’ between the sheets.
  3. Bounty Hunter by Deanna Lee
    Hot, tortured (and highly modified) hero plus kickass heroine equals one action-packed and very hot read. The sci-fi world-building is excellent, too.
  4. The Leopard Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt
    Lyrical yet gritty, you’ll feel like you’re actually in Yorkshire in the Georgian period. And it doesn’t hurt that Harry Pye is one unbelievably sexy land steward.
  5. The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt
    Sexy and incredibly real with a hero to swoon for. The only problem you’re likely to have with this book is that you’ll want Simon for yourself instead of letting Lucy, the heroine, have him.
  6. Birthday by Ellie Marvel
    A wonderful story about finding love with your best friend (and with none of the naughty bits left out).
  7. Reign of Pleasure by Emma Petersen
    Not for the faint of heart, but man…if you like to rock, this’ll rock your world.
  8. Postcards from the Dead by Ericka Scott
    Fascinating premise, spicy romance, and a touch of suspense.
  9. The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman
    Okay, technically, I’m still reading this one, but I was intrigued by the discussions about the movie and its supposed “atheist” prosetylization. I find the book “draggy” in spots, but the controversy is entertaining enough to make it worth the read.
  10. Something Wild by Sable Grey
    Jack the Ripper with a twist and a great love story.
  11. Goddess of the Hunt by Tessa Dare
    This one’s sort of cheating since it won’t be out until 2009, but Tessa has written a witty and touching Regency romance that you are really going to love (when you can finally get your hands on it ;P).
  12. Fire Within by Yolanda Sfetsos
    Fascinating interpretation of the phoenix myth.
    and last, but definitely not least…
  13. Carnally Ever After by Jackie Barbosa
    Yeah, I know, it’s out of order alphabetically. So sue me! And you didn’t think I wasn’t going to pimp my own book, did you?

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Thirteen Reasons I’ve Been Slacking at Blogging

I missed two Mondays running. Bad blogger, bad blogger. But I have good excu…er, reasons. Promise.

  1. I’ve been judging contest entries for GOTCHA. It takes time. Lots of time.
  2. What do you mean, it’s Monday?
  3. Oh, you mean it’s Wednesday? Who authorized that?
  4. I’ve been writing like crazy. Really. 10,000+ words in the past week.
  5. There’s no Internet access at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Cheapskates! Next time, McDonald’s.
  6. I’ve been doing my Christmas shopping. NOT! (But I’ve been thinking about it. That counts, right?)
  7. Bitchy, whiny, needy clients. Who can spend hours on the phone.
  8. Did I mention I hate talking on the phone?
  9. Emma’s been querying and getting requests. I hate her. (Just kidding. I envy the bejesus out of her, that’s all. But I’m so thrilled for her, I can hardly sit still!)
  10. No news is good news.
  11. I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas. (Or at least a white New Year. Yes, I live in sunny Southern California, but I booked a weekend in Yosemite after the first of the year.)
  12. Do you ever just get sucked into watching episode after episode of Law and Order on USA? It’s kind of like crack–you know it’s not worth it, but you just can’t stop.
  13. It’s my blog and I’ll blog when I want to! (But I really do want to blog more. I’ve just been a little nuts the last few weeks. I’ll try to do better next week.)

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