Interview with Victoria Dahl

rakesguideToday’s We Heart Historicals feature is an interview with the super-talented, super-funny, and super-angelic Victoria Dahl. (Hey, I’m not kidding about the angelic part. She even has a halo! I’ve seen it on her TwitterPic.)1

She’s going to be giving away a copy of her awesome historical, A Rake’s Guide to Pleasure, so be sure to stop by and comment for a chance to win!

weekloversAlso, be sure not to miss Victoria’s upcoming August release, One Week as Lovers. I’ve been hearing some early Twitter buzz about this book, and I am really looking forward to it.

1Hey, are you snickering behind your hand? Surely, you are not suggesting there is any PhotoShop hanky-panky involved in that Twitter avatar!

Here at Last

Okay, so it took me almost two weeks longer than I expected to get the new website up and running, but it’s here now and it’s gorgeous, isn’t it? (I can say that without sounding vain because I didn’t do the design. Frauke of Croco Designs is behind all this sultry goodness, and I am so grateful to her. I just couldn’t be more pleased.)

I’m not completely done jiggering with things. You may still find a few links that don’t work here and there. If you do find something broken, feel free to shoot me an email (you can click the Contact link…um, later today, lol).

But, now that it’s here at last, I’m pleased to announce some guest-bloggers who’ll be dropping by in the next few weeks.

  • hintofwickedOn Monday the 18th, I’ll be hosting a visit from Jennifer Haymore, whose debut release from Grand Central Publishing, A Hint of Wicked, will be out on June 1. (Actually, I just got an email from Books A Million a couple of days ago saying my copy had shipped, so technically, I guess it’s out now!)

    Jennifer also writes for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, and NAL under the pen name Dawn Halliday. Watch for Dawn’s debut NAL release in July!

  • hlcOn Friday the 22nd, Evangeline Collins will be here to talk about her debut release from NAL, Her Ladyship’s Companion. I am reading it as we speak, and loving it. (In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that Evangeline and I share the same agent, so I am not at all surprised to discover she is fabulous!)

    Evangeline is another author with an extensive background in epublishing. As Ava March, she writes Regency m/m historical romances. I haven’t had the opportunity to read one yet, but I am very intrigued and definitely want to ask her some questions about her experiences in epublishing and m/m romance fiction.

I also have a number of guest appearances of my own planned:

  • On Wednesday, May 20, I’ll be guesting at Jennifer Haymore’s blog (and giving away a copy of Behind the Red Door).
  • On Thursday, May 21, Beverley Kendall will be posting her interview with me on her site. She has a contest running all month that includes free books (including mine) and one $15 gift certificate.
  • I’m the First Sale column guest on Dear Author on Monday, May 26.
  • On Tuesday, May 26, I’ll be over at Tessa Dare’s blog, where we’ll be talking about the beauty (and pain)¬†of writing short. (Be sure to check out Tessa’s Samhain novella, The Legend of the Werestag. I read it in ARC form, and it’s fabulous!)

Last but absolutely NOT least, the We Heart Historicals event is still in full swing at Emma Petersen’s blog. We’ve had a few technical glitches here and there, but we’re sorting them out!