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TV Tuesday–The Closer

Happy Tuesday, everyone! As you may or may not recall, a couple of weeks ago I dubbed this day of the week TV Tuesday, and promised to spend it talking about my favorite shows and why I love them. Today, I thought I’d do my homage to TNT’s The Closer, which stars Kyra Sedgewick as Brenda Lee Johnson, a Southern…

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No TV Tuesday

Sorry, no TV Tuesday feature this week. I had to go into the office today and never got a chance to get a post up as a result. I THINK we have WTF Wednesday tomorrow, barring “incidents,” but if not and you’re hankering for some Jackie thoughts, hop on over to Southern Fried Chicas where I’m talking about what you…

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TV Tuesday–Burn Notice

As I was casting about for topics for today’s blog, it occurred to me that I twitter quite a bit about TV shows I like, but rarely talk about them otherwise. I suppose that’s partly because, for a while, I was kind of a TV snob–that is, I didn’t really watch anything except PBS and sports (oh, the hours I…

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