The Wait is Over!

Hot Under the Collar is now uploaded and available for sale. Yay!

I really love this novella, and I hope you will, too. I do want to warn you it’s a little “tamer” than some of my other books in the explicit sex department (if you’ve read my backlist, it’s a bit hotter than The Reiver and not quite as hot as The Lesson Plan). These characters were just a little shy; what can I say?

At 37,800 words,¬†it’s also the longest¬†manuscript I’ve published since the novellas in Behind the Red Door. Hopefully, that pleases you.

And Walter is…well, as far as I’m concerned, Walter is both sigh-worthy and swoon-worthy, and if he were real, I’d so steal him from Artemisia!

So, here’s a list of buy links to get you started:

Currently, Apple, Kobo, and Sony all get my books by distribution from Smashwords, so that will take a few weeks (although I’m hoping Kobo will get their new platform up and running soon and I’ll be able to go direct with them). I’ll add buy links to new retailers as they become available.