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Is Erotica Irreligious?

Sometimes, events conspire to occur in such a way that it’s nearly impossible to believe life is in any way random. So it was at church this Sunday when the sermon title was “Sex and the Bible.” Given that there’s been a bit of dust-up between the erotic and inspirational factions of RWA over the RITAs (again) this past week…

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Why RWA Needs to Revisit PAN Eligibility Rules

Last week, Emily Veinglory reprinted a fantastically perceptive Absolute Write forum post by Xandra Gregory, a Liquid Silver Books author, on the EREC blog about RWA’s current rules for Published Author Network (PAN) eligibility. I hope Xandra (whom I’ve never met) won’t mind my reproducing here what I think is the most interesting and salient point of her post: RWA’s…

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