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Time Flies…

…when you’re panicking.

There is, of course, no objective reason for me to panic. By anyone’s estimates, I can complete the two novellas I have to deliver by September 1 with time to spare. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that I am a procrast–er, percolator of the first order. I’m not known for completing stuff much ahead of time because I like to roll everything around in my head for a long time before committing it to paper/screen. For me, work always expands to meet the time available.

None of this stops me from worrying about my percalotory tendencies, however. Every time it happens, I wonder if this is the one where I blow it. Where I fail to deliver the goods when I should.

It doesn’t help that a story idea I had a good 10-15 years ago chose this moment to pop into my head and demand to be written. I am referring to this as the SuperSecret Sci-Fi/Futuristic (SSFF) book because I actually think I have a concept here that’s original enough, I need to keep it under wraps until it’s done.

In the interest of shaming myself into production, I’m adding word meters back to the side bar. Let’s hope I can keep them all moving in the right direction!

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