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My Heart (and More’s) in San Francisco

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By the time this post appears (thank you, Draft Blogger, for the ability to manipulate time and space!), I’ll be in San Francisco at this year’s RWA National Conference. Based on my experience at last year’s Dallas event, I’m sure I’m already exhausted, overwhelmed, and giddy with pleasure.

Last year, I have to admit that I spent most of my time a) hanging out friends, b) hovering around the pitch room, and c) in the booksigning area snapping up free, signed books. What I didn’t do was attend a whole lot of workshops, perhaps in part because I couldn’t decide which would be useful to me and which wouldn’t. A few that I went to were very worthwhile, but many wound up not addressing my needs in one way or another and I ducked out before they were over.

This year, I’m still expecting to spend a lot of time on a) and c), though not quite as much on b), since I don’t need to pitch either agents or editors (and believe me, I’m as shocked as anyone by that). I would like to chat with some editors informally about some of my other projects to see if anyone seems really interested in seeing any of them when I’m ready to submit. Hence, I volunteered to help in the pitch room on Friday afternoon.

I’m also hoping to meet my Kensington editor, John Scognamiglio, since I hear he’ll be in attendance, and I know I’ll be having dinner on Saturday night with my wonderful agent, Kevan Lyon, and some of her other clients (can you say networking, baby?). Since I’m bunking at a family friend’s house, I’ve set aside one evening to get away from it all and have a quiet dinner with her.

Beyond that, though, I haven’t made up my mind what to do with myself. I’ve marked a few workshops/sessions that sound interesting/useful to try to attend. I will probably check out the PAN retreat on Thursday afternoon.

I have to be honest, though, and say that if I had my druthers, I’d find a quiet corner somewhere in the hotel to hole up and write. Because three whole days away from the demands of husband, kids, house, and the day job is just too seductive an opportunity to ignore. Especially with a deadline hanging over my head.

YOUR TURN: What would YOU do it you were me? Suck up as many conference goodies and workshops as possible, or find that quiet corner?

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