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I Know It’s Been Quiet…

But that’s because I’ve been quietly plotting world domination…muahaha!

Well, that’s not entirely true. I did spend a few weeks under a rock after my option book proposal was…well, not exactly rejected, but postponed by my editor at Kensington. I knew there was a very good possibility of that happening, but when it actually did happen, I was a bit more discouraged than I thought I’d be. Even so, the door’s not locked, just temporarily closed. Prospects may be better in the fall.

In the meantime, my agent (the lovely Kevan Lyon of the newly-minted Marsal Lyon Literary Agency) and I decided the best course of action would be for me to dust off my Victorian-set single-title historical romance and finish it with the idea of shopping it during the summer. This is a book I started quite a while ago, and I really do love the characters and plot, so it’s no hardship to be working on it again after the hiatus. I’m about a third of the way into the manuscript now, and hope to finish the first draft by late May or early June.

I’m also trying to slip a few smaller projects in between the cracks. Those who read and enjoyed my first contemporary novella, The Gospel of Love: According to Luke, may be pleased to know that finished the sequel, According to Matthew, last month. It’s currently biding its time in the submission queue, but I hope to hear within a few more weeks whether it will be accepted for publication. I have a few other small irons on the fire, as well, including (are you ready?) a book I’m writing that’s aimed at the middle grade/YA market. (Hey, I have to write something my kids can read, right?)

And in addition to all that, I’m working on promotion for Behind the Red Door, which will be out in a mere two months! (I’m still sort of breathless over that). As part of that effort, I’ll be rolling out a new, improved website and blog on or about May 1. That probably means this blog will go away as I convert from Blogger to WordPress (hmmm, I wonder if Blogger considers that admission to be filterable content?).

With everything that’s going on, I’ll only be posting here sporadically for the next few weeks (but hopefully a bit more than the last few!). I do promise, however, to post soon and ask you if you have any questions you’d like me to ask some of the blog guests I’m lining up for the month of May. Among those who’ve already accepted my invitation to guest are my agent and her partner, Jill Marsal. So, be thinking about what you’d like to ask an agent, because I’ll be asking for questions soon!


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