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One More Cover+Cover Copy Reveal

I have one last Lords of Lancashire cover and cover copy to reveal. And since the novella is set during the Christmas season of 1804, it seems as good a time as any to do so :).

A Matter of Indiscretion

With his facility for languages and gift for diplomacy, Thomas Pearce is perfectly suited for his recent position in the Foreign Office. Or so he imagines until he receives his first assignment. Instead of a safe consular post in a friendly European capital, Thomas is going straight into the eye of the continental storm: France. On the eve of Napoleon’s crowning as emperor, no less. There is, it seems, a small matter of indiscretion just outside Paris that requires immediate attention. An indiscretion by the name of Sabine Rousseau, who happens to be the illegitimate daughter of Britain’s prime minister.

When a handsome gentleman arrives at her family’s home right before Christmas, claiming to be a long-lost cousin, Sabine is suspicious for reasons she can’t articulate. Perhaps it’s just that he’s far too attractive for her to think of him as a blood relation. She is, therefore, not entirely displeased when he sneaks into her bedroom and announces they aren’t kin. Her pleasure dissipates, however, when she learns he has come to smuggle her out of France…and why.

Now, Sabine and Thomas have a week to make their escape, and it won’t be easy. Her uncle considers her a ticket to win favor with Napoleon, and the French military has been alerted to the presence of a British “spy” on their soil. To avoid detection, the couple must pretend to be amorous newlyweds…and this proves the most difficult task of all. Because it isn’t long before neither of them is pretending, and a small matter of indiscretion may become large indeed.

Want to see all three novella covers next to each other? (Because I know I do!) Here you/I go:

So, now I’m sure you’re asking (well, I hope you are), “Jackie, when will I be able to read this fabulous-sounding novella?” The answer is…probably in November or December of next year. My planned release schedule for 2012 looks something like this:

Hot Under the Collar

Wrong Side of the Grave (free prequel to Incarnate)


A Matter of Indiscretion

I’m going to have to write my little tail off to meet this schedule, especially since I have a 2/3rds written contemporary targeted at Harlequin Blaze that I would like to finish in the first quarter. But I really do think I can meet it as long as I stay on track and have these goals to keep me honest.

Also, remember that you’ll be able to download The Lesson Plan here free on Christmas Day. (I’ve scheduled the post to come up at 8:00 EST on Christmas Eve so it’ll be a little before Christmas begins for some folks and after it began for others.) And for every copy downloaded up to 300, I’ll be giving a dollar to the San Diego Food Bank. So come one, come all, come download.

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  • Cassi C December 24, 2011 at 12:15 am

    Gorgeous covers!!! Some of the prettiest I’ve seen this year! 😀


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